How up to date is your webpage? Do you have to pay web designers to change small things on your site? Is your site being searched properly by the major search engines?
If you have answered no to any of those questions then a new better website is in order. our websites have all these features.
1. YOU can update and create, no need for special knowledge. If you can use a word processor then you can use it!
2. Automatic social networking. anything updated automatically post this to your facebook page and twitter making your facebook campaign easy current without any extra work!
3. Multi user, many people can login and simultaneously work on the content allowing different roles and security.
4. It can be edited on any pc anywhere in the world, with your login and password you can access and add content easily anywhere.
5. Media, Various media can be used Photos, music, videos, Flash, insert other web pages inside your page, and for experts you can use custom html
6. customer feedback, Pages can be liked in facebook, dug, tweeted, and many other types of way your customer can promote your page for you. A customer feedback page can be added so people can leave comments you decide to authorise (you are emailed automatically when a new one is left and it will only show up when you authorise it)
7. Stable and robust, the site is built on existing technology that is well supported and reliable, the website can automatically back its self up as often as you like.
8. Speed, Caching can be used for fast snappy pages and to reduce bandwith (saving you money) making a media rich site while being exciting and easy to use.
9. Compatible, the website is compatible for the standard WC3, this will make sure it looks great on all devices and is easily crawled by the search engines, the software will make sure it is compliant but you can overide it if you need to do some custom coding.
10. Customizable, if you want a custom feature then it can be added, or you can put html in the page to do your own custom scripts.
11. built in search engine, on the task bar there is a search facility and this automatically works and will show your pages without you having to do anything.
12. Full support. you wont be on your own with your new site, support is all ways there for you to make sure your site looks great.